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Tuesday 28th May 2024 :

16 18 35 36 41 6 7

No jackpot winner !

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Tue. 28/5
Fri. 24/5
Tue. 21/5
Fri. 17/5
Tue. 14/5

UK Lotto latest results

Saturday 18th December 2021 :

12 23 27 45 51 54 59

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Sat. 17/11
Sat. 10/11
Wed. 7/11
Sat. 3/11
Wed. 31/10

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What is Jackpoteo I hear you ask?

Jackpoteo is a website created by lottery players, for lottery players! Whether you are interested in the Lotto, the Thunderball or the EuroMillions, Jackpoteo is the one-stop resource for all of your lottery needs! Enabling you to search from the draw results; use our efficient and useful free lottery tools; compute and calculate statistical analysis, there is something for everyone at Jackpoteo.

The only website with the results in first!

Due to the EuroMillions draw result taking place each Tuesday and Friday around the time of 20:45, the lottery results hit the television two hours after. This means that with Jackpoteo, you could find your winning ticket hours before and cash it in even sooner!

These priority results can also be obtained for the Lotto drawn each Wednesday and Saturday alongside the Thunderball results.

Occurring two hours beforehand, Jackpoteo provides the prize amounts, the draw analysis and the declared winners just shortly after!

The most intricately detailed statistics on the web!

Unrivalled throughout the entire internet, Jackpoteo’s statistics allow any and every lottery player to calculate and compute their lottery prizes, results and drawing analysis in more depth than any similar website online.

Here are just some of the kinds of statistics Jackpoteo offers:

  1. The least and most drawn lottery balls
  2. The latest lottery balls drawn
  3. The least and most observed order of lottery ball appearance.
  4. The minimum and maximum prizes for each week’s lottery cash prizes
  5. The average number of lottery winners each day, each month and even each year
  6. The lottery numbers drawn the least and the most.

With such in-depth statistical analysis available, this list can just continue forever! One of the finest statistics available to lottery players on Jackpoteo is the EuroMillions statistics. Providing you with the number of jackpots won per country; the dates they were won and the average number of winners there are in each country, Jackpoteo’s statistical information is certainly unmatched.

Our excellent and exclusive free lottery tools!

Searching through our website you will discover a huge amount of completely free lottery tools for both the EuroMillions and the Lotto!

To start with, Jackpoteo features the ‘famous’ winnings checker! For all those times when your need your ticket results and their corresponding prize, the winning checker has you covered! Next up, the ticket generator! Simple as can be yet remarkably useful, our free ticket generator tool allows you to do the obvious, generate your tickets. This allows players to have a lazier moment and have your number chosen for you! Jackpoteo has hundreds of wheeling systems that can provide drawing results and shows players just what kind of results might come about each time! We have tools for the lottery forecasts! We even have a specific tool that allows all you lottery fanatics to transmute your multiple lottery ticket into its corresponding singular tickets. With this helpful tool you can easily separate your numbers and read them against the winning results. We all know how annoying it can be to read the numbers from the other ticket lines!

Providing such a vast arsenal of free lottery tools, all you EuroMillions and Lotto players will be able to calculate every resulting aspect the game has to offer here at Jackpoteo!

The facts that make the game that much more enjoyable!

For all you lottery players that love and enjoy hearing all the fun lottery-based stories, facts and winning reports, the fun facts below will certainly peek your interest. Portraying some of the most jaw-gaping and heartfelt lottery fun fact examples; enjoy!