EuroMillions: They win 2 times in 2 years !

Article published on Tuesday 21 April 2015


In April 2015, a remarkably lucky couple have won the EuroMillions and the £1 million prize for the second time in less than two years!

David and Kathleen Long come from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire and in less than three years have scooped up £2 million in EuroMillions prizes against the enormous odds stacked against them. Mathematically estimated to have been 253 billion to 1 to win the EuroMillions twice in such a time scale, David and Kathleen are without a doubt, lucky to say the least.

If winning against those odds was not enough, they also won a premium Jaguar vehicle alongside the cash prizes!

Featured in the news and many newspapers on 1st April 2015, many considered this to be an April Fools prank!
Winning a total of £1,000,002.70 on their first million pound EuroMillions prize, David and Kathleen had at first believed they had only won £2.70!

David, who is an HGV driver, explained that when checking his ticket his eyes “went fuzzy” when he was checking the EuroMillions raffle and, as a result, he was unable to see that their numbers had come up. Deciding to cash in his supposedly tiny fortune, David was overjoyed when he realised how much he had actually won!

Missing out on their numbers to begin with, David had at first thrown their stub in the bin, thinking the prize was no good! He explained that he had an urge to search for the ticket afterward thinking that he may as well obtain the £2.70 that he had thought they had won.

When handing in the ticket, the shop assistant told David to contact Camelot. Confused at first, the couple soon realised the amount of money they had won and that they were one of the 100 millionaires drawn from that EuroMillions draw.

Winning their second million the couple rejoiced. David told the reports that he had been unable to work for three years prior and really needed a boost like this. As Kathleen had retired in 2013, she explained that David had always been assured that he would win big one day. With this second win the couple reported that they were going to use the money to get married in the fanciest way possible!

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