Couple celebrate their Lotto win by quitting their job

Article published on Wednesday 22 April 2015


In April 2015, a couple won a whopping £6 million on the lottery and decided to immediately quit their jobs, planning upon a world cruise trip! On April 8th, Robert and Denise Scarr from Morecambe, Lancashire won the lottery jackpot after purchasing a lucky dip ticket. Winning a total of £6.3 million on the Lotto jackpot, they told the reporters that they were finally able to achieve their “lifelong dreams”.

Winning not only the £6 million prize and a premium BMW vehicle, a world cruise was the highest priority on Denise and Robert Scarr’s bucket list! Alongside their world cruise, the couple had also planned to treat their family of seven children and 15 grandchildren while finding and moving into a bigger home.

Denise, aged 56 and Robert, aged 59, explained that they began screaming having saw that they had won £25 on the live Lotto draw on the television on that fateful Saturday. The real screaming began when they realised they had all six numbers from the draw!

Waiting for the resulting amount of jackpot winners that had won the jackpot that evening, the couple was baffled to find out that they had won over £6 million from the total jackpot!

With this vast amount of money, Denise who had been working at a homewares store and Robert who had been working at a quarry instantaneously quit their jobs knowing that they would live off of the prize fund for the rest of their lives.

Denise had told the reports that with retirement on the agenda, this huge win allowed the couple to enjoy an early retirement, while also being able to set the plans for their life-long dreams to take place!

The couple had previously been longing to go on a cruise for many years, but with their finances, the plan foundations could not be laid seeing that they wanted to visit so many countries. With this prize money Denise stated that the world was now their oyster and a world cruise was immediately put on the menu for the two of them.

Buying their Lucky Dip ticket from their local Morrisons supermarket, the couple had no idea just how much prize money they were buying into!

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