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Saturday 18th December 2021

12 23 27 45 51 54 59

No jackpot winner !

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Prizes for Saturday 18th December 2021:

Winning rankWinnersPrize
Match 6 balls0£0.00
Match 5 + Bonus0£0.00
Match 50£0.00
Match 40£0.00
Match 30£0.00
Match 20Free ticket

Millionaire Raffle code :

Ball set used this Saturday: 6 | Machine used this Saturday: Arthur

UK Lotto 20,000£ Raffle numbers for Saturday 18th December 2021:

Draw dateWinning numbersJackpot winners
Wed 15/12/20212 15 17 28 30 45 54
Sat 11/12/20216 13 14 15 31 33 38
Wed 08/12/202112 30 31 34 52 58 56
Sat 04/12/20218 24 25 32 33 46 47
Wed 01/12/20214 7 8 37 42 50 36
Sat 27/11/20211 15 16 17 24 48 9
Wed 24/11/20214 11 17 19 39 42 59
Sat 20/11/20215 16 17 32 51 59 53
Wed 17/11/202113 24 34 35 49 55 53
Sat 13/11/202113 14 16 28 43 52 56

What is the National Lottery Lotto Game?

The National Lottery UK has been around since 1994. The lottery is offered to residents of the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom. Operated through the Camelot Group, it is also regulated by the commission for the National Lottery that was set up in 1994 by John Major, who was the Prime Minister at that time.

If a prize is won it will be not only tax-free but paid to the winner in one lump sum. The money that individuals use to buy tickets are distributed as following: 28 per cent will be used for projects around the UK, and 50 per cent will be sent into the prize fund, 12% is a duty that is charged by the Government, while 5 per cent will go to Camelot and 5 per cent to the retailers who sell tickets. 4.5 per cent covers all operating costs of the lottery and 0.5 per cent goes as a profit to the company.

This set-up often leads to huge jackpots and instant millionaires who’ve been lucky enough to match all numbers that come up in the draw. Those draws take place two times each week on Wednesday and Saturday nights. However, the Christmas Day draw – if it falls on one of those two days – will be held on Christmas Eve instead. Draws are done live on BBC One.

How to Play Lotto?

You must be at least 16 years old in order to play the National Lotto, as well as being a resident of either the UK or the Isle of Man.

The process of playing is very simple: you just pick six numbers that range from 1 up to 59. You can either pick those six numbers on your own, or have them randomly chosen for you; this option is called the “Lucky Dip”.

The draw will have six numbers picked and finally a bonus number that will help people who’ve matched five of the six numbers earn more money. Each slip you play with can have up to 7 lines picked for your numbers, and you are able to buy a total of 10 slips at any one time. Picking up tickets for another draw is possible too, you can do this by buying up to another four weeks’ worth of tickets.

Buying tickets online is yet another option you have available and when you do this you can use the direct debit option. This will be the best way to ensure you will never miss another draw of the National Lotto. Setting up an online account is very easy. You can pick the numbers you’d like to play first, or have them chosen randomly, select your number of draws and how many weeks you are buying. After that click on the button to play and place in personal information needed to finish the registration and put in how you’d like to pay for those tickets.


In order to win you have to match at least three of the six numbers that have been drawn. Of course, the more numbers you match the higher the prize you have a chance to win. If there is a group of people who’ve matched all six numbers that have been drawn, the prize will be split equally among them. Chances of winning with all six numbers are estimated at 1 in every 45 millions. If there is a match of four balls, five or even six, the prize will again be split between all winners. If no one gets all six numbers the jackpot will be rolled over to the next draw. Ticket prices are currently £2 to play the National Lotto – this only rose in 2014 from £1.


Hitting all of the numbers including the bonus is not the only way to get money when playing the National Lotto. If you match 2 numbers, your ticket will be refunded. Matching three numbers in the drawing will give you £25, for a £2 purchase, not a bad investment! While with four numbers you can earn an estimated £100, five numbers will be a win of £1,000 estimated. While five numbers along with the bonus ball will give you a huge jump to £50,000 estimated. Finally, if you hit all 6 main numbers, you hit the jackpot. This can range from around a couple of million pounds to even higher amounts, depending on if the jackpot has rolled over recently!

How to Claim

How you claim your prize, which is tax-free for your National Lotto win, is going to depend on how you’ve purchased the ticket as well as how much you win. You should check your ticket after every draw, because prizes are only able to be collected up to 180 days after the draw date.

Claiming Prizes from Tickets Bought Online

Claiming wins you’ve acquired by playing direct debit is fairly easy, and simple. For wins up to £50,000 you will simply get the money directly deposited into your bank account, or the account you’ve linked to the direct debit set-up. Although having said this, Camelot does also have the right to pay you with a cheque. If you have a win of more than £50,000, you will have to claim that in person. Firstly, call the customer service team so that you can find out the hours and set up the time to pick up your prize. A claim form will have to be filled out, and you will have to prove entitlement of the claim as well. Payments can be made for larger amounts either with a direct credit, cheque or bank transfer. The number to call is 0845 278 8000
Claiming Prizes from Tickets Bought in Store
Prizes won for an amount of over £50,000 will have to be collected via a post office that is affiliated with the National Lottery, or you can call the helpline at 0845 278 8000 and request a form be sent to you so you can mail it out for the claim, the address is:
The National Lottery
Accounts Department
PO BOX 287
WD18 9TT

Just like tickets you’ve won online you will have to provide identity to a representative if you have won more than £50,000. So bring along identification so you will be able to get your winnings. Call the hotline first to set up the meeting.

Differences between Playing Online or Playing in a Store

If you choose to play online you will not have to worry about missing the draw. Setting up a direct debit is simple and you can even choose the numbers you want to play each week, and it will be done automatically for you. No worry about having to run out to a store and play the numbers. When you choose to play online you can also buy a ticket any time during the day, all over the world. While if you play by going to a store you will have to wait until they are open for the day. This can be a problem if it’s a holiday and the shops are closed for the day. Also playing in a store means you won’t be able to collect what you’ve won online either, but have to go through the hassle of going to the store to get what you’ve won. Online you won’t have to worry about a ticket being lost, either. If you win the ticket is still in your possession with no chance of being lost!

National Lotto Scams

Unfortunately, there are scams all over the world, and even those who want to make a quick buck off of people who want to play the National Lotto. They try to con you and tell you you’ve won, all you have to do is pay a claim in order to collect your winnings. These types of scams will be sent in various ways, either by text, e-mail or even through a letter you receive in the post, stating you’ve been chosen as the winner of a prize and picked randomly. You have several ways to check to be sure this isn’t a scam and that you don’t fall prey to these people who are only trying to get money from you, certainly not to give you any.

If you’ve received an e-mail that is a fake you will notice that the address of the e-mail will look suspicious and not official. It will not be addressed to your name, but instead will have a more general address comment like “Congratulations winner”. There will be grammar and spelling mistakes in the letter or e-mail you get, and this should be the first and biggest indication that you are being scammed. Declarations of confidentiality are nothing more than a ploy that is used by the fraudster to try and get you to give them money.

As the recipient of one of the false letters or e-mails you should never pay money out to anyone. If there is an attachment on the e-mail do not open it, there may be a possible virus attached that will try and collect all your personal information from your computer and send it back to the people who are trying to scam you. You should also report the incident to 0300 123 2040 telling Action Fraud about what you received and they will try and catch the person(s) and avoid the potential for more victims in the future.