Thunderball : Results after each draw

UK Thunderball Latest Results

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

13 18 24 27 35 14

No jackpot winner !

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Prizes for Wednesday 3rd June 2020:

Winning rankWinnersPrize
Match 5 + Thunderball0£500,000.00
Match 50£5,000.00
Match 4 + Thunderball0£250.00
Match 40£100.00
Match 3 + Thunderball0£20.00
Match 30£10.00
Match 2 + Thunderball0£10.00
Match 1 + Thunderball0£5.00
Match 0 + Thunderball0£3.00

Draw dateWinning numbersThunderball winners
Sat 30/05/20201 8 20 21 25 4
Fri 29/05/202011 15 17 25 34 3
Wed 27/05/20207 14 20 23 36 11
Sat 23/05/20205 9 26 28 29 12
Fri 22/05/20204 6 8 14 17 14
Wed 20/05/20208 11 16 22 25 1
Sat 16/05/20201 18 20 22 23 14
Fri 15/05/202014 15 26 37 38 7
Wed 13/05/202013 18 29 31 37 1
Sat 09/05/20202 23 28 37 39 2

What is the Thunderball?

It’s not just the National Lottery Lotto draw, there is more, like the Thunderball game for example! A great extra chance at winning half a million pounds, and all you have to spend is £1! That’s right, for such a small amount of money you could walk away with half a million, and that may not buy the same things you could with a million pounds, but it could still prove to be life changing! This draw takes place three times each week on Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays. It’s a draw where when you win, you’ll get the full pot! Overall the National Lottery in the UK has been around since 1994. It is offered to residents of the country as well as those who live on the Isle of Man. Camelot Group is the main operator of the games and is regulated by the commission that was established back in 1994 by then Prime Minister, John Major.

Prizes that are won will be paid tax-free! If you buy a ticket for the Thunderball it will be distributed basically like other ticket money. Around 50% of it will be placed into the prize pool, while 28% will be put into use for projects to better the UK regions, 5% goes to Camelot, 5% will be given to retailers for their selling of the tickets, 12% goes to the UK government for a duty charge, 4.5% will cover operating costs for running the lottery and finally the last 0.5% will be a profit.

You again have three chances when you play the Thunderball to win, these draws take place on Wednesday night, Friday night and Saturday nights. They are shown for all to watch on BBC One.

How to Play at Thunderball ?

Playing the Thunderball isn’t at all difficult to do, you can choose five numbers, and those will be from 1 and 30. While another number needs to be chosen, this Thunderball number will range from 1 to 14. If you don’t want to pick your own numbers, pick the Lucky Dip, a random numbers pick done automatically. You can choose up to 7 lines per each slip you play. Of those you will be allowed to play as much as 10 of the slips per play. Also pick how many weeks you’ll play along with the number of draws to be played. You can get up to 8 weeks each time, or if you don’t want the hassle with it each week, play via Direct Debit. It’s a definite way to make sure you never forget to play the Thunderball!

You also can choose your numbers online, this option may open before 8 in some places, but most locations begin at 8am. You will be allowed to buy tickets up until 11pm each night, except on draw nights. Wednesdays the tickets will stop being sold at 7:30 pm. While Friday and Saturdays, if you want to play each night you’ll have to have those tickets bought prior to 7:30pm on Friday night.

You are able to win up to £500,000, if you match the five main numbers plus the Thunderball. While a match of only the five numbers without the Thunderball will net you with £5,000. Matching 4 of the numbers along with the Thunderball is a win of £250, 4 numbers without the Thunderball gives you £100. 3 numbers with the Thunderball will have you pocketing £20, without the Thunderball you will get half of that at £10. 2 of the main numbers along with the Thunderball is a win of £10, and just 1 number along with the Thunderball will get you £5. The lowest amount you can win on the Thunderball is £3.


The first thing you’ll wonder is just how much money could you walk away with if you match all five numbers and that Thunderball! You can walk away with the half a million pounds, of course! While a match of only the Thunderball can also have you walking away as a winner, although only for £3! The Thunderball is an awesome chance to win anywhere from £3 up to the £500,000 jackpot!
How to claim prizes

Claiming your tax-free prize from a Thunderball win can be simple, if you played online. They may be able to deposit the cheque directly into an account you’ve registered with, depending on how much you’ve won. Keep in mind that tickets are only allowed to be collected for up to 180 days after a draw takes place, so be sure to check them right away, so you don’t miss out on a win.

Claiming prizes if ticket is bought online

If you’ve played by using the direct debit option you can collect your win quite simply. Wins up to the amount of £50,000 will be deposited into the bank account or another account you have linked the direct debit option to when signing up for this way to play. Camelot may opt to pay you the winnings in a cheque that will be sent to you, this is up to their discretion. When you’ve won over £50,000, you will need to go in person to make the claim for your prize. First though call customer service, and set up a time that you’ll be able to make it out and fill out a form for your claim. The number to make your appointment is 0845 275 8000. Meet them and file the form for claim, and prove that you are indeed entitled to the prize, and they will set up payment, either via credit, bank transfer, or cheque.

Claiming prizes if the ticket is purchased in stores

If you have won more than £50,000 you will need to visit a post office affiliated with the National Lottery in order to get your money. You can also call 0845 278 8000, which is the helpline, and they will mail a form to you that you can fill out for your prize claim, you will need to send it back to:
The National Lottery
Accounts Department
PO BOX 287
WD18 9TT

You will also need to prove your entitlement by meeting with a representative and showing identification. This is for amounts that are over £50,000. You will of course need to call the above listed hotline to arrange a time and place for the meeting.

Playing in a store or playing online

Playing online will assure that you will never miss one of the draws that take place. You can set up the direct debit through a few simple steps and even pick your numbers ahead of time and keep them in your system, they will be played automatically for you all the time. You won’t have to get out to the store if the weather is bad to play your numbers or worry about the shop that may be closed due to holidays. Tickets can be quickly purchased online even if you are out of the country, but if you were playing in the stores and are out of the area, you will miss the draw that week and until you come back home. If you’ve played in a store, you will need to collect the money at that retailer; while online the money can be placed into your account. The possibility of losing a ticket you’ve bought from a retailer is there, while one that is bought online will never be lost.

Thunderball scams

There are scams that go on all the time, and the Thunderball game is no exception. People will contact you saying you’ve won, and all you need to do is pay a small fee to get your money. These scams may come through an e-mail or via a text message and even through a letter you get in the mail. They will normally say you’ve been chosen randomly to win some sort of prize in the Thunderball. There are ways that you can figure out if this is a scam or not, here they are:

Receiving a fake e-mail or claim that you’ve won any money from the Thunderball will easily be noticed in many other ways. They will not have your name on the top line, but instead will often state “Congratulations winner”. Also you may notice several grammar as well as spelling mistakes made throughout the e-mail or letter.

If you’ve received an attempted fraud letter, please contact Action Fraud to report it at 0300 123 2040. They will collect the information and try to keep anyone else from getting caught in the fraudster’s scam.